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天然純素潤唇膏 - 椰子青檸【Soap.yummy】

天然純素潤唇膏 - 椰子青檸【Soap.yummy】


【天然純素潤唇膏 - 椰子青檸 | Natural Vegan Lip Balm - Coconut Lime】


主要功效: 強效鎖水,軟化雙唇,令雙唇水潤軟綿綿

Key Benefits:  Softening, hydrating to the lips, and preventing moisture loss


唇部護理 | For Lip Care



Our Coconut Lime Lip Balm is made with organic cold-pressed coconut oil and candelilla wax and other natural ingredients. They can help soften the lips and prevent moisture loss with skin-loving ingredients 

The texture and the scent of our lip balm are loved by many of our customers. It is one of our best-sellers!



**The product does not contain preservatives. Please finish using it within one year.

材料:有機冷壓椰子油、小燭樹蠟、維他命 E 油、青檸精油 、椰子香味

Ingredients: Organic cold-pressed coconut oil, candelilla wax, vitamin E oil,  lime essential oil, coconut flavoring 




How to use: Our lip balm comes in a paper tube! Simply remove the cap, gently PUSH the lip balm up from the bottom and apply to the lips. No need to push the lip balm back down after use as there is enough room to put the cap back on.

How to store: Keep the lip balm in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. 


淨重: 10克

Net Weight: 10 grams


Handmade in Hong Kong with food-grade plant oils and skin-loving food ingredients. Inspired by the unique food culture all over the world.

Vegan friendly, palm oil free, and plastic free packaging. 



All of our products are free from synthetic colors, sulfates, and parabens.

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